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A 134 New Year's Resolution

As we are about to start the New Year, one of our goals as an organization is to bring a lot of the resources we have been working on and developing all year long online so they are readily accessible for everyone. We just added a new one to our Resources Page, which is our County Chair's List.

This is a project we have been working on since March. Our goal was to create and maintain year round the best, most accurate list of county chairs for every county in The 134 we could. The color codes are simple. Every county that has a confirmed county chair we have been in contact with are in blue. Those in yellow are the county chairs listed by the state party we have reached out to, but who have not responded to confirm whether they still are serving as a county chair. Red denotes a county in The 134 that does not have a Democratic County Chair at all.

This is a constantly changing document, and we need everyone's help to make sure we keep it as accurate as possible. If you can confirm whether the county chair in one of the yellow counties is still serving please let us know and send us any current contact information you have on that person. If you see a county whose information is incorrect, please let us know that as well. If you know someone who will serve as county chair in a vacant county, please tell us that too and we will reach out to them.

The 134 needs everyone's input and participation. Candidates, volunteers and activists of all stripes will have this information free of charge. Please take five minutes to skim the list and see if you have any information you can provide.

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