Our Work

For the 2022 election cycle we have prioritized several projects.  Learn more about our work and what you can do to help.


Expand Early Vote Locations

There are 90 counties in The 134 that have only one early voting location.  That needs to change.  We are targeting counties we believe are prime candidates for a coordinated effort to get voters more early voting locations.  We also work directly with persons or county parties that want to see this happen in their county


It may seem that redistricting is out of our control in The 134.  Perhaps, but we can still make a difference.  We need volunteers to help provide detailed, on the ground information and intelligence to groups like the Texas Civil Rights Project to aid them and the TDP in their redistricting efforts.  This is a simple and easy project you can do from the comfort of your home.

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Run For Office

The greatest obstacle to getting more people to vote Democratic in The 134 is the lack of candidates to vote for.

We need women and men, young and old to run for county level offices. These are paying positions and are essential to having good government in our communities. Run yourself or get involved in one of the campaigns in your county.  Need help?  Ask us how

Be a County Chair

There are 39 counties in The 134 that have no County Chair, and thus no organized Democratic presence in those counties. Democratic voter and primaries are second class citizens in these places.  We need you to volunteer to be  the Democratic Party where you live.  As us what that involves and how you can help.

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