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Application Process

The application period opens December 11, 2023 and will close January 11, 2024.  No application will be considered until the close of the application period.  We anticipate making award decisions and notifying applicants by no later than January 31, 2024.  Applications must be submitted by our Online Application.  Applications sent in by email, text, fax or hardcopy mail or overnight will not be considered.  Recipients must sign the acceptance letter that will be sent with the notification of your grant award.  Due to the short primary season, there will be only one round of grant applications. 



All local Democratic county parties or local Democratic groups or organizations within The 134 area are eligible to apply.  But grants are not limited to our 134 counties.  Any local county party, group or organization outside of The 134 is also eligible to apply, so long as it is classified as rural.  For purposes of eligibility to apply, “rural” is defined as any county in Texas with a population density less than 500  people per square mile according to the most recent United States Census. 

Criteria considered

1. Strength, stability and past activity of the organization 

2. Volunteer capacity to make the project successful.

3. The trend (positive or negative ) in the last four primary elections.

3. Upward trend in primary vote.

4. Demonstrated need to reverse downward trend in primary vote.

5. Previous turnout effort plans and results, if any.

6. A plan for registering Democrats, following up and tracking turnout.

7. Previous efforts to contact registered non-voting Democrats.

8. The specific, targeted goal for turnout.

9. How will impact on election day be measured?

Terms and Conditions

The application must contain a resolution of the County Executive Committee or your organization's Board of Directors supporting the application and a budget for the project. The PAC may request more information including in person or virtual meetings with the applicants, or other persons necessary to evaluate the request. A grant may be awarded in less than the total amount requested. The decision of The 134 PAC in awarding grants and the amount of the award is final. The applicant will be notified in writing whether their application has been granted or denied. Those receiving grants will receive an award letter setting out additional terms and conditions for the award  appropriate to the circumstances.  These may include such things as terms of payment, progress reports, tracking of data or results, sharing of information, a final report, required matching funds etc. Any award is conditioned on agreement to these terms.


Payment of grant funds will be made after signing of the grant award terms letter by applicant. A favorable award decision does not create any contract right in that award or its payment. Awards or payments made by the PAC are non-negotiable and cannot be used for any purpose other than that submitted in the application, and approved by the PAC . Any condition for an award and reporting requirements to The 134 PAC will be set out in the terms of the grant award letter. A grant award does not create any contract or property rights or any sort of contract for payment of an award between an applicant and The 134 PAC, The 134 PAC LLC or any of their members, officers, advisory board members, employees agents, or volunteers. Up until payment has been made and received by the applicant, the PAC reserves the exclusive right within its discretion to postpone or withdraw support or payment for any reason.  Awarding of grants and the amount of grants that can be awarded is depending on funding available and is in the sole discretion of The 134 PAC.

Application period opens December 11, 2023


January 11, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. CST

Online Application

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