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Our Purpose

To build a strong rural Democratic Party in The 134 and rural Texas.

Our Approach

Our approach is to strengthen, grow and establish strong county parties and other critical political infrastructure.

Our Vision

We believe in the future. We believe that our work is multi-generational.  It requires long term commitment, investment and hard work. Rural Texas was not dominated by Republicans over night, and creating a competitive political culture for Democrats here will not happen overnight.

The 134 Team


Jon Mark Hogg

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Tom Green County

Jon Mark is a West Texas lawyer and former Democratic candidate for Congress in TX-11.


Stuart Williams

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Lubbock County

Stuart is a rural organizer, Texas Young Democrat, and former Lubbock County Party Chair.

Carla 134 pac pic_edited.jpg

Carla Schoonover Porter
Co-Founder/County Services 

Palo Pinto County

Carla is the Palo Pinto County Party Chair and serves as the treasurer for The 134 PAC.

The 134 and Beyond

Although originally founded to focus on the needs of rural counties in Western Texas, The 134 PAC's scope is expanding beyond geography. Counties outside The 134 have reached out seeking to be included in what we are trying to do and we welcome them.  Our programs, assistance and grants are by no means limited to 134 counties. We are here to help rural Democrats, wherever they may live.

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