“I thought I knew Texas pretty well, but I had no notion of its size until I campaigned it.”

Governor Ann Richards




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We won't win Texas without the 134.

In the 134, we know this is a game of inches. Across Texas, only a few percentage points separate us from ending an era of Republican rule. Rural Texans can close that margin. We’re tired of the lie that we could be a statewide party without the state - without rural Texas. Voters in rural Texas, especially in the 134 counties between El Paso and I-35, are tired of being asked to fall in line with a strategy built for districts hundreds of miles away, call suburban voters because the numbers are better, fund candidates who will never set foot in our counties, and otherwise carry water for both a state and party that’s leaving us out to dry.

The 134 PAC is dedicated to rebuilding long-abandoned Democrats and infrastructures, ensuring those who know their communities best have the resources to do the work where they see it is needed most. We believe in treating County Chairs like the elected officials that they are, not volunteers waiting to be given direction. We believe in supporting candidates who see this side of Texas the way we do – not as a burden, but as an untapped resource. We believe in the competition of ideas, and know that building Democratic infrastructure is the only way to return that competition to counties ceded to Republicans.

We believe in rural Texas.

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