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Gerrymandering = Legalized Cheating

Something for All Texans to think about as Friday Night lights have begun. Football has rules that are administered by Referees. A game ends when the clock says it has ended. Sometimes a referee makes a mistake(bad call). If he/she makes too many mistakes over the season he/she is replaced. But honest mistakes are part of the game.

Who makes the rules and who enforces the rules? SCHOOLS make the rules! By voluntary adoption of rules, school officials discipline their own interschool activities and not just for athletics. Very appropriately and successfully as judged by the majority of TEXANS.

Who makes the rules for the governing of the United States of America and the State of Texas. Answer: “We The People” by our votes which we will cast on November 8. Before we vote we should all reread the RULES as stated in the U.S and Texas Constitutions and suggested in the Declaration of Independence.

Continuing the comparison with football and voting. If we do not like our Constitution we amend it or we the people can throw it out. If our schools do not like the rules they change them. But cheating is unanimously condemned in our schools, but so far not in our Texas politics.

Gerrymandering is cheating. Cheating in sports or politics is never accidental. It is always on purpose. And punishment always follows. For the school, coach, or players. Why not the same for politics and our politicians?

A question that should be asked of every Democrat, Independent, Republican, and non partisan School Board candidate! If a Reporter from the media does not ask it, YOU as a voter should ask it. A very simple easy question!

“Do you support and will you support an Independent Commission to redraw all Texas Legislative Districts in the next session (88th) of the Texas Legislature that convenes in January 2023 in time for their use in the 2024 Election cycle.”

Yes or No. No further explanation necessary unless desired.

For a more detailed description of an Independent Commission refer to the website of ( Or better yet ask your local paper to print and even express their opinion? 8 States have adopted Independent Commissions. Let’s make Texas number 9.

Make ( a regular source for information as November 8, 2022 approaches. You may not agree with what you read, and if so, you can express your disagreement. Since you have reread the Constitutions by the time you have gotten this far in this letter to the editor, no further comments are necessary. But if you have not registered to vote by October 11 and then vote on or before November 8, you will have assumed the responsibility for Texas REMAINING in the bottom half of all 50 States in education and healthcare.

Charlie Stenholm is a former Congressman and an advisor to The 134 PAC

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