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It is time the Texas Democratic Party had regional offices.

Pass a resolution at your County Convention on March 23, 2024 calling for the creation of regional party offices across the state.

The Texas Democratic Party needs regional offices all across the state. It has not been a true state-wide party in a long time. It has become isolated from most of the state and only has relevance in the large urban and suburban areas. We need to change that. To win state-wide we need a party focused on the entire state, not just certain parts of it.

Our suggestion is that the Party open up to five permanent, fully staffed regional offices across the state, from El Paso to Orange, Dalhart to Brownsville and every region in between. To start the conversation we suggest as many county conventions as possible pass some version of the following resolution.

You can download the resolution form here in Word or PDF

Resolution on TDP Office (1)
Download DOCX • 8KB

Resolution on TDP Office
Download PDF • 35KB

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