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The 134 PAC Endorses Kim Olson for Chair of the Texas Democratic Party

For far too long, politicians and parties, Democrats and Republicans both, have ignored rural Texans west of I-35 and our communities have suffered the consequences. It is past time for Texas Democrats to get serious and invest to win across our state. That begins with new leadership from the top down in our party. The 134 PAC endorses Kim Olson for Texas Democratic Party Chair because it is critical to have a state party chair that values, amplifies, and reaches out to rural voters. Quality time is quantity time and Kim Olson is the only candidate to consistently, time and again, visit and listen to rural Democrats when no one else will.

The 134 PAC stands firm in our view that ignoring the failures and issues that exist within our own party are a disservice to voters, a healthy democracy, and all Texans. Kim Olson represents what the 134 PAC is all about: building power for rural Texas Democrats. We look forward to supporting her efforts to turn our state and our party around for the better. Her continued passion, persistence, and refusal to leave out any community or voter is what our party needs so badly. We hope others will follow this example.

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Let’s GO! Kim is the perfect person to lead our party. Hers is a voice of strength, inclusivity, courage and wisdom. There’s no better choice for Texas Democrats than Kim!

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