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The 134 PAC's U.S. Senate Scorecard

Dear Candidates for the Democratic Nomination for U.S. Senate,

We are watching, we are judging, and we will be scoring every candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. The week before the primary election we will publish our U.S. Senate Scorecard to let rural Democrats know which candidates are more supportive of rural people and issues than others. Rural Democrats need to know where you stand on rural Texas so they can make an informed decision of how they should cast their vote. Therefore, it is only fair that we lay out the criteria on which you will be graded. So, here they are.

The 134 PAC's U.S. Senate Scorecard

We will grade you by the number and quality of visits to rural counties and the quality of your engagement with rural folks. By "rural" we mean any county that has a population of 500 or fewer per square mile. (Hint: suburban and ex-urban communities do not count towards your grade. Just because the home lots are an acre does not make it the country.)

We will also grade you on the number, frequency and quality of creative solutions on the above listed categories you offer and discuss during your campaign, in a substantive manner.

Points will be deducted for lip service to rural while not engaging substantively with country folks and issues. Points will also be deducted for more talking at rural people than listening to them.

Just wanted to get this out there. Our scorecard will be released the week before early voting for the March 5, 2024 primary election. Get after it.

Your friends,

The 134 PAC Team

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