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A County Hopping Campaign

By Jon Mark Hogg, Co-Founder of The 134 PAC

There were 85 people who voted in the 2022 Democratic Primary in Dawson County (Lamesa) Texas. 32 of them showed up last night to discuss reviving the Dawson County Democratic Party, selecting a county chair and coming up with a plan to get out the vote in November. It was a great meeting watching people connect and make plans for their next meeting.

We at The 134 PAC will continue to be there to support and help if the Dawson County Democrats if they need. Of course, the future of their county party is up to them decide. We do not make choices and decisions for local Democrats. They know what is best for Dawson County.

Now it is time to move on to the next. The number of counties without a county chair or a local party is huge--50 before our Dawson County meeting. We cannot sit back and wait. There are Democrats in these counties that are hungry to change their politics and their local governments. So we are embarking on a long county hopping campaign all across The 134. No county is too small, or too rural--Yoakum, Cochran, Borden, Irion, Coke--the list goes on.

Do you live in a County without a chair or a party? Would you like help in organizing Democrats in your County? Call me at 325.481.2560.

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We appreciate the time from Mr. Hogg and Mrs. Parr giving infomration and a line of sight for reviving the Dawson Democratic Party. Providing guidance through this process and reminding all in attendance that help from the PAC134 and State levels is there was inspiring for our party to step up and get involved. We are hopeful to the future and welcome you back anytime.

Vincent C. Irwin

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