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And We're Off

Last Saturday The 134 PAC held its first kick off event in Granbury, Texas. It was an intimate invitation only event with Democrats from the east coast of the The 134, featuring talks from Charlie Stenholm, Boyd and Betty Richie, our own Carla Schoonover and Director Stuart Williams. Betty Richie spoke in detail about the important role women will play as candidates and leaders of Democrats in rural Texas. It was an amazing talk. We also had great conversations in our break out groups about the challenges we face as Texas Democrats in The 134, and rural Texas in general, and how we change that. Right now we all have more questions than answers. But until we start asking the right questions, we will never find the right answers.

This was the first of many small and larger events, public and invitation only we will be having over the next year and beyond. This is part of our larger vision to be a connecting and unifying presence for Democrats in this forgotten area of Texas. We will soon be scheduling and traveling to the many remote corners of The 134. Please stay tuned and we will soon post a schedule of our upcoming gatherings.

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This is one of the most exciting political events I remember--and I remember many! Look forward to seeing everything you accomplish.

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Bridgette Goldstein
Bridgette Goldstein
03. Juli 2021

I was there and it was fabulous - powerful people with great ideas to move Rural Texas forward!

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