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Welcome to 2023! Some in politics refer to odd years, like this one, as off years. We like to think of them as the years when you can actually get something done. Election years are pretty worthless for accomplishing anything towards anything like a long term goal because the campaigns and election work suck all the oxygen out of the room.

Right now, we are brainstorming and looking at various opportunities to invest in for rural Democrats in 2023. These include training for county chairs who want to run their own separate primary, triaging our strongest Democratic counties and making plans to use them as staging grounds for efforts in adjoining counties, continuing organizing work in counties with no Democratic Party, organizing a rural Democrats convention and many others.

If you have your own thoughts and ideas about where the PAC should spend its time and money in 2023, please comment below or send us a message. We welcome your input.

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Creating a document containing Democratic stances on issues that plague those rural areas. How would we contribute to solutions, and how would we be a better alternative than the GOP solutions? (Which we can report are often not even addressed anywhere by Republicans). I’m a former County Chair and I felt like I didn’t know exactly how to sell, or debate, our rural initiatives. Is there already a document?

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