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Many Hands Make Light work

One problem rural Democratic candidates have is raising enough money to fund their races. This is the result of problems unique to rural Texas. First, is that many rural counties are among the poorest counties. Second is the smaller pool of potential donors in those counties. Third, is the branding problem of identifying as a Democrat in those counties. Fourth, is the perception that you can't win as a Democrat so why throw good money away on a great candidate that has no chance of winning.

At The 134 PAC we recognize this problem, which is why we believe to be successful in local races we need to get out of a county fundraising mentality and go regional, even state wide and nationally. We are trying something new, coordinated fundraising for targeted races in The 134. This means people in San Angelo, or Midland can donate to a common fund used to financially support a competitive race in Potter County or Medina County. Money from Hood County can help finance a race in Brewster County. This is what The 134 PAC and The Joshua Fund is all about.

We believe we have to think regionally, strategically, and long term. The goal is to elect Democrats in The 134. That might not be in my county today, but perhaps my little contribution can make a difference in a race in the County next door. The idea is that the more Democrats we can elect in our region over time, the more the party will grow across the region. This growth will impact and eventually extend into the place I live.

Please consider donating just $10 per month to The Joshua Fund. Help us chip away at the Red wall one brick at a time.

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