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Project Dawson County

Dawson County sits just south of Lubbock on the South Plains. The county seat is Lamesa, Texas. It does not have any Democratic elected officials, does not have a Democratic County Chair and does not have any Democratic precinct chairs. There is no Democratic Club or group in Dawson County. But it does have Alice Kinsley. We will be with Alice in Lamesa Texas Thursday evening August 11 to change that.

There are no Democratic parties or organizations in 50 counties in The 134. There are around 80 empty statewide. One of the reasons The 134 PAC exists is to change that. So, we are going to Lamesa to meet with local Democrats to gauge interest in establishing a party organization there. This is part of a bold experiment to design a program that can be repeated in other counties.

We have mailed postcards about the meeting to over 400 Democratic primary voters in Dawson County. Kay Parr, President of the Texas Democratic County Chair's Association will be joining us. We will host a conversation for Dawson County Democrats to explore the idea of forming a local Democratic party organization and provide guidance and information on how to do that. Of course a brand new county party will need help, guidance and support. If this works, then we want to take what we learn and see about possibly partnering with the TDCCA to create a program to repeat this process across the state.

If you are in the area, please join us at the Forrest Park Community Center 900 S. Houston Ave. Lamesa, TX 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Thursday August 11, 2022.

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So how did it go??

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I will be there. Since my family and I have moved here three years ago we have come to find this situation here in Lamesa to be sad but true. To say the least the last elect cycle was all but uncontested for every seat in Dawson. We plan to change that that and we are overjoyed that experience and guidance of The 134 are coming to help. See you there.

Vincent Irwin

Me gusta
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