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And then there were 89

If you haven't been following you may have missed the introduction of our inaugural project. REV THE 134, REV being short for Rural Early Vote. There are 90 counties in The 134 that until now have had only one early voting location. Our goal is to start chipping away at that number and make voting more convenient for voters across The 134.

Thanks to population growth, there are now only 89. Tom Green County passed the magic threshold of 120,000. The 2020 Census Data that was just released shows Tom Green's population is now 120,003. Therefore, the law requires it now have a minimum of five early voting locations. Tom Green was going to be our first target county if the population did not surpass 120,000. Now we can focus our attention on the other counties on our list. First among those now, in order of descending priority, are Maverick and Val Verde counties, followed by Hood, Kendall, Howard and Brown. We also would like to target some of our least populated or largest in geographic area like Brewster, Pecos, Scurry or Glasscock.

We also want to work with any group that wants to target their County even if they are not on our priority list. One key element that we must have is local Democratic support in every County we work in. This will not be easy and will take a lot of engagement and work to make it happen, especially in counties dominated by Republican elected officials. We believe it is work worth doing.

If you would like to learn more about this effort or want to include your county in our efforts, please reach out to our Executive Director Stuart Williams at or email us at You can also contact us on Facebook and Twitter or send us a message through this website.

Join the fight.

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