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Introducing The 134: Andrews County

The area where Andrews County is located has been inhabited since at least 6,000 B.C. Originally home to the Anasazi/Athapascan peoples it was later home to other tribes such as the Lipan Apache and Comanche nations. European settlement did not begin until the final eradication of Comanche from the area in the 1870s.

Andrews County as we know it was organized in 1874 and is 1,501 sq. miles in the Permian Basin and South Plains area of Texas. It is named for Richard Andrews a soldier in the Texas Revolution. He was the first killed in action at the Battle of Concepción on October 28, 1835. He is called the Nathan Hale of Texas because his last words were "I am a dead man, but don't let the other boys know it. Tell them to conquer or die."

The county was primarily made up of ranchers until 1929 when oil was discovered. The current population is estimated to be 18,705. The County Seat is the City of Andrews which was incorporated in 1937. Other towns and communities include Florey, Frankel City and McKinney Acres.

Notable persons connected to Andrews County are Elmer Kelton (author), Max Lucado (pastor and author) and Chad Campbell (professional golfer)

In the 2020 election Donald Trump won Andrews County with 4,943 votes (84%) while Joe Biden received 850 (14%).

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