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Introducing the 134: Archer County

Archer County lies in the Northeast corner of The 134. It consists of 900 sq miles of the Rolling Red plains and Cross Timbers region of Texas.

Caddoes, Kichais, Tawakonis, Wichitas, Apaches and later Kiowas and Comanches possessed the region before European settlement. French traders were the first to stay and operated a post at a place called Little Arizona. The Kichais defeated the Texas Rangers in the Battle of Stone Houses in Archer County in 1837. The famous Kiowa Chief Kicking Bird also defeated the U.S. Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Wichita River here in 1870.

Archer County was formed in 1858 and named for Branch Tanner Archer Secretary of War of the Republic of Texas. Archer City is the County Seat and the inspiration for Larry McMurtry's "The Last Picture Show" and "Texasville" which were filmed in Archer City. Born in Archer County Larry McMurtry won the Pulitizer Prize for fiction in 1986 for "Lonesome Dove" Archer County was also home to another award winning novelist, Benjamin Capps.

The primary industries of Archer County are agriculture and oil production

In the 2020 Presidential election Donald Trump won Archer County with 4300 votes over Joe Biden who received 446.

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