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Money isn't everything

Whoever heard of a PAC that is not all that interested in money? Sure, we have to ask for money because we have expenses to pay our Executive Director, keep the doors open, and keep the message going. We have services and events we need to pay for. We have to raise around $3,000 per month to meet expenses. We rarely meet that goal, but we keep going by giving of our own time and money unselfishly to sustain this vision. The reason we do so is because the vision of The 134 PAC is not about money and throwing our weight around. It is about building long term relationships and personal connections. We believe that is the way to reintroduce the competition of ideas and create a culture long term where Democrats can realistically compete out here. That is something money cannot buy, no matter how much of it you have. The 134 PAC is about changing the conversation and the false image of Democrats that is dominate stereotype in this region--that a Democrat is a cross between Nancy Pelosi and AOC who wants to take over Texas and make it into something it is not.

This is long term work. It takes place over generations, not election cycles. It is hard work. It gives little glory or hope and no instant gratification. The people who labor in these fields, if they are successful, will likely be forgotten. The dream is not that you will win elections. The dream is that someday far into the future people will have forgotten the time when Democrats never won in rural Texas. We will expect true political competition in Texas as if it was our birthright. Those who make that happen will probably not live to see it. To quote an old West Texas proverb, it is planting trees, the shade and fruit of which we will never enjoy.

That is why no one else has really tried to do this work in the modern political era, not even the Texas Democratic Party. This dream sounds foolish and counter-intuitive, I know. That is why most people have a hard time understanding what we are about. Even when we tell them, they still don't believe us. People, especially political people, are always looking for your ulterior motive. We sometimes wish we were devious enough to have one. Probably more people would support us financially if we did.

This vast territory we call The 134 is home to more than 3 million people and over 1 million voters. We are a new organization. Not everyone will understand us, or even agree with us. Our work right now is to build those relationships and connections, to be a voice for rural Democrats, not only in The 134, but all across this state. We connect candidates and party organizations with people in The 134. We offer our unique perspective on rural issues and voters to all who are willing to learn and listen. We take the party organization to task for its failures and stand ready to help when that organization and the powers that be finally get serious about representing and appealing to all Texans. In the meantime we are encouraging and helping build those connections, the infrastructure if you will, and molding our presence and message so that when that day arrives The 134 and the TDP will be ready to make the most of it.

This sort of work does not take a lot of money. I hope you will consider supporting our work in whatever small way you can, either financially or on social media, or as a volunteer or worker in some way. There is a place for everyone no matter your circumstances. For example, we will soon be launching a volunteer program effort to help build a regional database of information and profile of your local community. If you can't help financially, I hope you will consider helping us with that effort. If there is something you know needs doing in your community, let us know. Maybe we can help in someway. The 134 PAC is about empowering people to do what they already know what needs to be done locally. We aren't waiting for "the party" or anyone's approval or input anymore. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission. This work is up to us.

Regardless, keep the faith. Know that there are like minded Democrats all over The 134 and if we work together we can create the change our communities need one conversation at a time.

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